The Difatta Brothers – Best Auto Repair In Town

DifattaIn today’s copy of our popular small business reviews, we are going to discuss the #1 place to visit when your European vehicle needs parts or servicing.

The Difatta Brothers have withstood the test of time, and continue to deliver results based work, that make your pockets breath a sigh of relief once you see your bill.

You can check them out at:

5928 Belair Road in Baltimore, Maryland.

If you’re ever in the area you should definitely check them out.  It’s definitely worth your time.

We will talk about getting your vehicle repaired in a second, but Difatta also offers some of the most competitive rates in accessories like alfa romeo parts and other European parts.

They’ve got an entire section on their website dedicated to helping you find the exact parts your car needs.

Talk about going the extra mile.


If you’ve ever taken your foreign vehicle in for a simple task like an oil change, you’ll quickly discover you’ve got another house payment on your hands.

No need to fear with Difatta.

While pricing may never be as low as the average American Honda, you can rest assured that you’re going to get the best pricing available to mankind lol.

I mean they do offer some of the best auto repair Baltimore has to offer.


Heard enough just yet?

You can visit The Difatta Brothers at anytime by checking out their shop at:

5928 Belair Road in Baltimore, Maryland.

Not an in your face type of person and just want to call instead?

You can call them at anytime by dialing 410-426-7524.

That’s about it for this most recent small business review.

Make sure you tune in next time to stay up to date and current with what’s going on in the small business industry.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Small Business Reviews – The Empower Network

small businessSo this is the first small business review that I’ll be doing on the website for you all.

The name of the company is Empower Network.

It’s been taking the entire internet over like a raging typhoon and I actually would be doing you a major disservice by not sharing what I’ve learned about the company.

Just to get straight to the point, the company is just about as legit as they come.

You can quickly do a Google search for empower network review and check it out for yourself if you’d like.

The company has already been the vehicle for countless entrepreneurs to literally transform their lives with a single opportunity.

It just doesn’t get much better than that.


The Empower Network was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe on October 31st, 2011.

Both of the Dave’s back then were just about the top dogs in every small business opportunity they decided to be a part of.

But they were both noticing a disturbing trend that plagued them like a sick dog with no medicine.

Their teams were not producing results.

So like two incredibly crazy genius’, they went about fixing the problem by creating the company.

They came up with the idea of giving their customers a chance to earn 100% commissions on the products that they sell.

Not some puny pennies that so many other companies were offering.

What happened next was nothing short of spectacular.

They did over 1 million dollars in sales their very first week.

Let’s just say the rest is history.

With such a massive amount of success, it’s only natural that you get your haters as well.

The Empower Network Scam seems to be their favorite choice of words when speaking about the company.

But it’s usually just broke people upset because they haven’t taken the time to perfect a money making skill.

Or maybe they are just one of those people who hate everything, why not hate Empower Network as well right?

Whatever the reason, whether personal, emotional, or random, you have definitely got to come to your own conclusion about such an amazing company.

Just talk to anyone who’s actually seen success. (hint hint)

So just to kind of sum things up Empower Network gets the thumbs up from me.

Just like with any small business, you can’t snap your fingers 3 times and have push button riches.

You actually have to develop skills, you’ve got to get better at marketing, and then and only then will you see the success that you so desperately deserve.

That’s it for today folks.

Small Business Entrepreneurship vs Hourly Wages

underwaterDespite its various benefits, having a business has inherent risks.

On the other hand, working a job for an hourly wage is potentially beneficial though it also has a number of uncertainties.

When looking to start a small business or to work at an hourly rate, it is essential to examine their respective pros and cons as it enables you to be aware of your business’ possibility of survival.

It also gives you a clear perception of the benefits of working at an hourly wage.

Small business


Business proprietors have control over how their business operates.

You decide what you will personally do every day.

You also get to oversee the kind of person you employ. Running a business also gives you control over your salary.

Having a business brings a sense of satisfaction.

The same way you risk most of your reputation and money in the process, you also stand a chance of gaining more if the business is successful.

Watching your business expand and passing it on is better than walking away from your career and ending it by retiring from someone else’s company.


Some business owners find having a business unattractive due to the startup and operational costs.

The startup costs include purchasing the essential materials needed to operate, renting a room to work and buying equipment.

The ongoing business costs include material costs, payroll, taxes and legal fees. You will also be required to invest in marketing to create customer awareness.

In case your business wants you to join professional organizations or traveling, you will need additional ongoing costs.

Business proprietors find it risky or intimidating to own a business since it needs a lot of responsibility.

Depending on what your business sells, you will be responsible for customer safety or complying with federal and state standards.

Certain businesses — such as limited liability practices and corporations — have limited liability protection.

This means that you are not personally accountable for lawsuits brought in against your business.

Hourly wage jobs


Since hourly wage earners are only paid when they work, they are likely to get motivated.

The overtime also motivates the workers to work until late or even ask for extra shifts.

Compared to salaried employees who complete tasks at their own rate, hourly-wage workers are more motivated to work since they need the cash.

Others work harder since their salary reflects their hard work.

Workers also tend to work more when they are paid on an hourly basis since they earn more money.


Hourly employees feel less secure in their work.

Although managers make the same amount of cash in spite of company slow downs, workers who are paid hourly suffer when they work for few hours.

Wage employees earn less than salaried workers do. Their livelihood is dependent on the business fluctuations.

For instance, they can be sent home when the business is slow.

Wage earners generally do not earn any money if they fail to attend work due to an illness.

The Benefits of Starting a Small Business

One of the best ways of investing is starting a business.

benefits of small businessAny good or successful business needs several important ingredients to be successful. These are a good business plan, capital to finance the business, premises where business is conducted and customers or a market for the business product.

There are many good reasons why anyone would want to start a small business. Some of these reasons include the following;

1.) Potential for High Returns

A good business has the potential to generate a very lucrative income for its owner.

Business owners who work hard and apply their knowledge constructively will enjoy high returns and an attractive income.

This is different from employment because employees have a fixed income.

2.) Opportunity to Pursue a Personal Ambition and Passion

Some people venture into business in pursuit of a strong passion they harbor.

Some people have special talents they have honed over the years while others have a deep love for certain things dear to them such as servicing cars, teaching music, tutoring, selling online and so on.

Those who start a business based on a passion they have will find plenty of fulfillment in the venture together with other successes.

3.) Change of Scene

A business venture offers entrepreneurs a great change from their regular lifestyle.

Many people work at 9-5 jobs where work starts early in the morning at 9.00 a.m. and ends later in the evening around 5.00 p.m.

Those who start their own business get the chance to work at hours that suit them.

Some people prefer working for long hours, especially those who pursue a passion while others prefer reducing their hours to suit their new lifestyles.

A business definitely affords one this rare opportunity.

4.) Be Your Own Boss

Many people detest to being ordered around at the workplace.

Others like being in control and doing things their own way.

Employed workers usually take orders from the bosses or managers.

However, small business entrepreneurs get to be their own bosses and do things their own preferred way. Having to execute policies without the need to seek permission is another benefit that businesses provide.

5.) Creating Employment for Others

This is another significant reason why people aspire to start small business ventures.

Businesses need plenty of help from workers. Business owners employ workers who undertake some of the duties and responsibilities on behalf of the owner.

Such an owner will be happy to receive assistance running the business while the employees are happy to find work and earn an income.

Employment creation is very important for the economy and is beneficial to the whole community.

6.) Legacy to Dependents

Last but not least, anyone who starts a business creates a powerful brand that will help support a family or dependents.

A successful business that operates for many years will be an inheritance to the owner’s children or next-of-kin.

Dependents will be happy to inherit a strong brand and stable business. They will be motivated to work hard and help grow the business even further.

These are some of the many advantages of starting a small business.

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